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Caits Meissner is a poly-creative poet, artist & transformative facilitator known for her dynamic ability to pull creative juice from the accomplished artist to the everyman.


Sketch by the incredible artist/facilitator Mensen, visual notes she took when visiting my classroom at Rikers Island.


Teaching & Community Background.

With a significant history in community arts, Caits was an integral team member in developing programs for organizations such as Tribeca Film Institute, Urban Arts Partnership, The Facing History School and The Lower Eastside Girls Club. She has taught and consulted extensively for over 15 years across a wide spectrum of organizations and community spaces including social justice and youth programs, spaces of incarceration, universities, public schools and needle exchanges.


"Caits made enormous impact on our organization, inspiring students to produce work beyond their wildest dreams; helping teachers unlock creative potential giving them courage to take risks; advancing our strategic thinking as a community, and bringing her vision, optimism, hope and soul into every situation. 

Wherever Caits is, that is where the sun is shining."




"When Caits facilitated a poetry workshop with women, ages 16-24, in a New York correctional facility, I was in awe of the way she quickly built strong, authentic relationships with participants and was able to transform an often chaotic environment into a space ripe with emotional safety."



Student and mentor poets at Bluestockings Books for a reading in support of Haiti. 

Student and mentor poets at Bluestockings Books for a reading in support of Haiti. 


"Caits Meissner is a powerful force of nature. As an educator she has an uncanny ability to connect her audiences, classes, and participants not only to their own work and inner voice, but to each other as well. Her work is a reflection of her spirit: rigorous, loving, genuine and thought-inspiring. 

The results are always the same, a profound experience that produces life lessons, life revelations and astoundingly powerful work!"

— Mikal Lee, MANAGER,Education and Humanities at Brooklyn Academy of Music


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